Experience Calculator

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Experience Calculator

Experience Calculator Mobile App:

This is a Phonegap, Durandal, Knockout based Android App to calculate the work duration based on organisation’s joining and leaving dates. This app displays work duration in Years, Months and Days and keeps the calculated information saved in your device.



  • Calculates the work duration for each employer (current & previous) wise in YMD (Year, Month & Days).
  • Calculates the over all work duration in YMD.
  • Saves the data in cache so, if you open the app next time you don’t need to enter the details again.
  • When you open the app next time, it takes the current date as last date for the current employer and re-calculates the duration automatically. So, just save the details once and see your experience calculation in one click any time.

Note: This App works offline and saves the data in App Cache. So, if you remove the cashed data for this App then, you have to enter the details again.

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