Family Age Calculator

Web Version: (Based on Google Chrome browser)

Family Age CalculatorMobile App:

This is a Phonegap, Durandal, Knockout based Android App to calculate the age of family members, relatives & friends. It keeps the calculated information saved in your device.




  • Keeps the birthday information of your family members, relatives or friends in your device.
  • On the basis of provided birth date, it calculates the age in years, months and days.
  • It displays the day and remaining days of next birthday.
  • It saves all the provided information in local app cache, so when you open this app next time it automatically calculates the age and other info automatically. So you do not need to enter the same information again.
  • Store information as much as you want, no-limits until your phone storage is full.

Note: This App works offline and saves the data in App Cache. So, if you remove the cashed data for this App then, you have to enter the details again.

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